Daring Fireball Sponsorship

We are excited to be sponsoring the Daring Fireball RSS feed for the week. Daring Fireball is at the top of our NetNewsWire reading list thanks to John Gruber’s witty and funny writing. It’s like writing from a Nick Hornby doppelgänger – not a completely evil one, just with a tendency. Like all fun reading his posts are rare but between posts his linked list keeps us entertained. The linked list does have the downside of leading to the discovery of interesting bloggers that end up on our ever growing RSS feeds list. Either way you are likely to already be a Daring Fireball reader and a Pedia user. If not, subscribe to the Daring Fireball RSS feed and download our programs; we’re sure you will enjoy them both. Also to celebrate the sponsorship and the launch of our new 4.0 (a free upgrade for all 3.x users) we have scrounged up two cases of some great Chianti Classico wine to give away.