Did you know? Pedia group in Address Book

Now that your friends have seen your cool Gamepedia collection, they might want to borrow a few games. You probably know how the borrowing feature works already (just drag entries from the Library into the Borrowed collection) but did you know that you could create a separate Pedia group in your Address Book to make the borrowing process even simpler and faster?
This is especially useful if you have a lot of entries in your Address Book but only a handful of those are friends with borrowing privileges. With the Pedia group, the autofill feature will respond quicker to your suggestions and load faster too.

To create a Pedia group in your Address Book, open Address Book and choose ‘New Group’ from the File menu. Name the new group ‘Pedia’ and drag the address book entries you want into it. After that restart your Pedia application.


And don’t worry if people who are not in your Pedia group want to borrow something at some point – you will still be able to choose them by clicking on the Address Book icon when you mark an entry as borrowed.

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