New Version for the Pedia Programs: 4.6.5

Version 4.6.5 is just a small update but it fixes some nagging bugs, especially for the RTF text export (which didn’t encode correctly for diacritics and languages with characters not found in ASCII). The search plug-in architecture has also been completely revamped along with fixes to most of the plug-ins for retrieving more data, in particular larger cover images where available.

To get the update just run your current Pedias and use the ‘Check for Updates’ command found under the program name.

For Mac App Store users – the update has been submitted for DVDpedia, Bookpedia and CDpedia and hopefully they’ll be approved soon.

3 Responses to “New Version for the Pedia Programs: 4.6.5”

  1. Fausto Giaccone Says:

    Hi! there is anybody who can help me?
    I have discovered this wonderful software for cataloging books BOOKPEDIA..just what I was looking for… I tried the trial. But when I tried to buy the product I have not been able this product still in production? is Bruji still working? I want to give them my money but it’s not possible either by credit card either by paypal..

    thanks a lot

  2. Nora Says:

    Hi Fausto,

    We’re still working, very much so. Please send us an email with more information about the problem you encountered with the purchase and we’ll be glad to help. You can find our email address on the support page:


  3. Fausto Giaccone Says:

    Hi Nora!
    I must tell you that, first, it’s already difficult to go from Bruji page to PAY page..I had to try several times.
    Then, after filling every thing you ask for, either paying by credit card, either by Pay Pal, when I tray to CONTINUE TO CONFIRMATION..nothing happen. I tried to wait for a long time..I tried in different time of the day..nothing, like a dead website..
    there is any different way I can buy bookpedia? I need it..