Version 5.1.2 in the App Store (except DVDpedia)

Version 5.1.2 is ready for download in the App Store now as well, except for DVDpedia which for some reason was not granted the same expedited review process as the other three programs.

This is the first time we’ve applied for an expedited review since the Amazon API issue is time sensitive (it comes into full effect on August 31st) but Apple only granted the fast track for Bookpedia, CDpedia and Gamepedia. We sent a second request to include DVDpedia since the programs are a suite and many users own more than one of the apps but Apple declined on the grounds that they had already granted expedited reviews to the other programs. Apparently three is the limit you can ask for?!

We apologize to all DVDpedia users who run the App Store version and we’re hoping for a quick review once the program has made it to the front of the queue. In the meantime, you can already sign up for an associate ID and enter that into the Preferences > Amazon Settings as detailed in this post to avoid running into issues with the Amazon search.