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One Finger Discount (The Good Kind)

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Daniel Jalkut has started a 20% discount website for Mac indie developers as an alternative to MacHeist. Build your own bundle and get 20% off any software from the participating companies. We are happy to have been included, so if you have been eyeing a Pedia and missed last week’s Halloween discount this is a chance to catch the savings.

Wish the page had an anchor and I could send you directly to the Bruji discount sections, but here is a link to One Finger Discount and look for number 88. Plus there is more great software on there, so take a look around as you scroll.

Extras page

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Have you checked out our Extras page lately? Whenever a user sends us a template or plug-in for the Pedias we put it up on the Extras page for download so be sure you check back for new additions every once in a while.

A few days ago DVDpedia user Torsten Mess (author of the cool ThreeViews template) sent us another great template but this time for the info view.
The LeoTab info view template is based on the Tabbed templates but has a darker look, to tie in with Leopard, and a neat ‘Cover Search’ feature integrated into the footer of the template to look like the Pedia’s Add/Edit window. The cover search button automatically starts a search on Google Images for your entry, making it a breeze to add image links or a new cover image (just ctrl-click on the image and choose).