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New Italian Search Plug-in

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Andrea Guglielmi, Italian DVDpedia user, created a plug-in for his favorite site DVD-store. He has spent a couple of weeks tweaking it to perfection and collaborated with DVD-store manager to develop the DVD-Store plug-in. They even went so far as to amend their search routine output to allow him to create the link back URL to DVD-store reliably so that clicking the title of imported movies opens directly to DVD-Store details page for a single movie and not search results. That is some outstanding support from a DVD website for a single DVDpedia user. Not only do they have good support and a big database they have some good prices on Blu-ray titles if you are living in Italy.

Kindly they have both agreed to share the plug-in with other DVDpedia owners, so our Italian users can jump right in by downloading the plug-in. We really appreciate Andrea’s work and DVD-store for providing access. This is Andrea’s second plug-in for DVDpedia (his first plug-in, included with DVDpedia, is for Terminal Video).

TV – Apparently It’s All the Rage

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Dan at has created a plug-in for TV Rage for those with a lot of TV season episodes. The plug-in has been crafted in order to download information specific to each single episode. In fact you have to include the season and episode number as part of the search to be able to determine the exact episode. “Burn Notice 02×01” would download information for season two, episode one of Burn Notice. This is incredible useful for those keeping linked video files for each episode inside DVDpedia.


It’s not just a simple search plug-in, it also includes a level of flexibility unprecedented in any other plug-in. Under the plug-in menu you will find the “TVRage Options…” command that will let you change a number of settings on how to store the information, including the order of title-season-episode information. Head on over to to download and install the plug-in as well as to learn more about it. Please post any feedback in our forum and do not hesitate to donate to if you find the plug-in useful.


Front Row plug-in v. 2.0

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Mathieu just sent us version 2.0 of the Front Row plug-in. You can download the new version here from our Extras page. Make sure you read the instructions on that page on how to install the plug-in on your AppleTV. Yes, you read that right, AppleTV support is now included, along with a collection view. Great update all around!
In fact, if you’re using the Front Row plug-in and find it useful, head on over to the para9 site and click on the donation button for some good karma and a happy Mathieu. (We just sent some money his way as a thank you for the continued updates.)

Any comments, suggestions and feedback about the plug-in, please post them in this thread in the Bruji Forum.

DVDpedia Front Row Integration

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Front Row Integration
We are lucky to have a number of talented and passionate users who expand on our programs. Mathieu Guindon has dived into the internals of Front Row and come out with a DVDpedia plug-in for Front Row. DVDpedia has its own internal full screen interface but for those preferring to stay inside Front Row this plug-in is not only good looking but adds some features, such as browsing movies by actor. The browsing is fun and launching a linked movie is seamless. As with most things, it’s better seen and experienced, so check out the video and download the plug-in.

This is a solid 1.0 release that is almost perfect for my use. I only wish it had a category for browsing the movies via my collections in DVDpedia. We started a forum thread if you have any other feedback.

We are pleased to add Front Row to the long list of Apple technologies that DVDpedia integrates with; thank you Mathieu!