Ironcoder 4 entry - Deskspace

This little application, Deskspace, is Conor's entry for the Ironcoder 4 contest. The challenge was to create an application using Core Image, within 48 hours. The theme of the contest was space.

With Deskspace you can take a whole new look at your directories. Files and folders are marked according to their age (the older they are, the more sepia their color) and their size (the larger a file, the bulkier it gets and the smaller it is, the skinnier it looks). The size and coloring is relative to the directory.

To navigate Deskspace, use the following commands:

  • click a file or folder to see its name and path.

  • double-click a folder to open it and move forward in the directory.

  • double-click a file to open it and quit Deskspace with a dissolve transition, so you can get to work on your file.

  • use the pumpkin button to go a step back in the directory or alternatively use option-click.

  • to quit Deskspace, use pretty much any of the known 'quit' commands: Command-Q, Esc, Command-.

To delete Deskspace from your computer, delete the following:

- the folder 'Deskspace' in ~/Library/Application Support
- the preference file in ~/Library/Preferences/com.bruji.deskpace.plist
- the actual app, most likely from your Applications folder

(The background started out white and classy-looking but with Halloween around the corner, the app was caught in a whirlwind of ghouls and pumpkins and mysteriously turned black and orange during the scuffle.)

Enjoy Deskspace and take a serious look at your files to see which ones need to go to the gym and which ones are close to retirement...