Flat Design Details Templates (Profile & Standard)
Flat Design Flat Design

These DVDpedia details templates, written by Robin Albeck, are a bit more involved for installation but worth it if you're looking for that extra kick in your details view.

Both templates include the cover image, a movie trailer link and links to different search sites such as Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and IMDb. For Doghouse moderators it also offers the option to edit entries directly via the Doghouse website.

In addition, the Flatdesign Profile template includes actors' headshots in the credits listing. You can download the images from Dougweb.org or, more conveniently, download this profile folder from our server. (This includes all the images at once though and is a rather large file at 52MB.)
Either way, place the images into the "profile" folder located in InfoTemplates in ~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia/. If you don't see the ~/Library/ folder in your Home folder you can use the Finder's 'Go' menu, hold down the Option key and the Library folder will appear.