Pedia 5.9.1 Beta Bugs

Report your bugs here - if someone else has already mentioned the same bug, just add on to their post with as much info as possible to make the hunting easier.

Re: Pedia 5.9.1 Beta Bugs

Postby Conor » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:27 pm

Thank you for the extra details. I'll put the bug on the hold list for now. :)
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Re: Pedia 5.9.1 Beta Bugs

Postby FineWine » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:25 pm

DVDpedia 5.9.1 Beta 94 latest release

Had to change Styles then go back to my normal (private) Style before the "Filter By" facility worked. The actual 'on hover' links were not even displayed as links post initial update. But all is good now. Maybe my private Style Template had to rethink due to your updated Javascript and also had to pick up the latest Java 8 Update 161 - Just a wild guess there.

1 - Previous versions if you hovered over links they appeared in the bottom status bar as the link or Filter by: ****** this no longer occurs.

Known Bug: I have filed a bug with Apple to expose the mouse hover on the new API, I can't tell were the mouse is, not even on the click, doing some work around to create the menus, by looking at what Apple would have copied on the click. Think I can work around it with some Javascript, but would need to modify the templates, that I would like to avoid.

Fixed 94 latest release in Bookpedia

NOTE: within Bookpedia that the importation of eBooks from Apple iBooks is allot faster and smoother.
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Re: Pedia 5.9.1 Beta Bugs

Postby DanThe » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:07 pm

Hi Connor,

An update on the cover refresh issue. I'm starting the suspect that it has nothing to do with CDpedia and more to do with the Finder refresh issue that started with High Sierra (you know, the update that's suppose to elevate your Mac). I start my Mac adventures with Mountain Lion but this has to be the worse release since. Like how many Emojis do I really need? OK. Enough said and excuse me for the rant.
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