Gamepedia import from Delicious Library 2 failure

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Gamepedia import from Delicious Library 2 failure

Postby dirkjello » Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:45 pm


I'm trying to import my old Delicious Library 2 data into Gamepedia (and the other 'Pedia apps), and for some reason, the import fails every time I try; it gives the error, "Could not Save Changes — The database in memory is not in a valid state and will be reloaded from the hard disk." No matter what I try — deleting caches, uninstalling/reinstalling, deleting preferences, etc. — have rectified the issue. I've been able to successfully import the data into all three of the other 'Pedias, so I'm not sure why Gamepedia is balking. Any ideas?

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Re: Gamepedia import from Delicious Library 2 failure

Postby Nora » Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:29 am

If you could send us the .xml file from the Delicious export, we can take a look at that here to try and figure out why the import is failing. It's likely a value, like a certain date, is not being read correctly. Gamepedia (actually all the Pedia programs) are very strict on these things to keep the databases clean. You'll find our email on the Support page.
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