TV – Apparently It’s All the Rage

Dan at has created a plug-in for TV Rage for those with a lot of TV season episodes. The plug-in has been crafted in order to download information specific to each single episode. In fact you have to include the season and episode number as part of the search to be able to determine the exact episode. “Burn Notice 02×01” would download information for season two, episode one of Burn Notice. This is incredible useful for those keeping linked video files for each episode inside DVDpedia.


It’s not just a simple search plug-in, it also includes a level of flexibility unprecedented in any other plug-in. Under the plug-in menu you will find the “TVRage Options…” command that will let you change a number of settings on how to store the information, including the order of title-season-episode information. Head on over to to download and install the plug-in as well as to learn more about it. Please post any feedback in our forum and do not hesitate to donate to if you find the plug-in useful.


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