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Fancy User Templates

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

April, a passionate Pedia user and HTML wizard has completed her new DVDpedia export template. It’s based on the Gamepedia template so it has al the same great features, including reordering and live searching. If you are into HTML yourself the template code is worth a look at. It’s well commented and has some handy open source Javascript classes that could be used in your own projects. Without further delay the important information is that you can download both of them from our extras page and if you have any feedback, leave her a post on this forum thread.

Happy Macworld Everyone!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

This year Macworld is a brand new event. It’s no longer in January, tied to an Apple keynote and sadly there is no longer an Apple booth. Although some mourn the loss it, confers some advantages, more of your time will now be available for all the other smaller Macworld exhibits. Macworld is even providing a special pavilion for small indie developers without the cash flow for a booth or those wanting help with the whirlwind world that is marketing. Stop by and discover software made with love (we are unable to attend so do let us know what you find).

Even more exciting is that their great indie spotlight idea is not limited to the physical expo. They have also orchestrated a virtual indie spotlight this year. For the next three days (February 11-13) developers are providing their wares at a 20% discount. So if you have been eyeing a Pedia but where hesitant about spending $18 dollars be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and snag one at the low price of $14.40. The Macworld 20% coupon is MACWORLD2010, but be sure to visit the indie developer spotlight list for other great value software.

Getting Around Without Pocketpedia

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Although Pocketpedia is not available anymore, there are still a few ways to get your Pedia collections onto the iPhone and iPod Touch. They are not as ideal as Pocketpedia but are valid options nonetheless.

1 – HTML export

Use one of the iPhone optimized templates such as “iPhone” or “iPhone Grouped” from the HTML export feature to export your collection from the Pedias. Upload the export to a server and access your collection through Safari on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

These iPhone export templates have an index, for quick searches, and are optimized for the smaller screen. You can find another iPhone-optimized export template on our Extras page for download as well or if you have some HTML experience, write your own. Take a look at the Help file under ‘Export > Customizing HTML templates’ for more information.

2 – PDF sync

Use the Print or export feature in the Pedias and then create a PDF of that print or export.
For the Print feature, press the ‘Print’ button on the first dialogue and then press ‘PDF’ on the second window. Save the preview as PDF.
For the Export feature, export the collection and when the preview opens in your preferred browser, choose ‘Print’ and save as PDF as described above.
Then use a free program such as Evernote to sync the PDF over to your iPhone.

SmallCovers print template, in PDF format viewed in Evernote on the iPhone

ListThick print template, in PDF format viewed in Evernote on the iPhone

Of course, if all you want is a list of your titles as a quick reference then a simple text export from the Pedias will suffice. Just use any free notes app for the iPhone/iPod touch to import the text file and you’ll be good to go.