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New Italian Search Plug-in

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Andrea Guglielmi, Italian DVDpedia user, created a plug-in for his favorite site DVD-store. He has spent a couple of weeks tweaking it to perfection and collaborated with DVD-store manager to develop the DVD-Store plug-in. They even went so far as to amend their search routine output to allow him to create the link back URL to DVD-store reliably so that clicking the title of imported movies opens directly to DVD-Store details page for a single movie and not search results. That is some outstanding support from a DVD website for a single DVDpedia user. Not only do they have good support and a big database they have some good prices on Blu-ray titles if you are living in Italy.

Kindly they have both agreed to share the plug-in with other DVDpedia owners, so our Italian users can jump right in by downloading the plug-in. We really appreciate Andrea’s work and DVD-store for providing access. This is Andrea’s second plug-in for DVDpedia (his first plug-in, included with DVDpedia, is for Terminal Video).