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Detecting PPC Code Before Mac App Store Submission

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Since the Mac App Store is Intel only, developers have to submit applications that are stripped of all PPC code. Slowly more and more developers are building their applications Intel only, given that the latest versions of OS X, Snow Leopard and soon Lion, are Intel only. The Pedias rely on a large number of external frameworks, so it was not as simple as changing the build setting in Xcode. While the transition happens here is an easy command we used to find PPC code used in our applications.

find -exec file {} \; | grep "ppc"

Of course run in Terminal while inside the build directory and change Bookpedia for your app name. Should any frameworks or libraries be reported to contain PPC code, you can strip the PPC without rebuilding by using the lipo command.

lipo -remove ppc AFramework.framework/AFramework -output AFrameworkIntel

I stored these new Intel-only versions of the frameworks to be used by Xcode when building our software for the Mac App Store. Of course there is also the option of doing the stripping to the entire app after building with the ditto command (but I prefer to do modifications before Xcode’s final code signing step, even though Mac App submissions are re-signed for any changes during upload).

ditto --rsrc --arch i386 x86_64

Hope some developers with larger apps will find this useful.