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Pocketpedia 3.0.1

Friday, May 25th, 2012

A new version of Pocketpedia is out! We were very happy with the initial release of Pocketpedia and got wonderful responses from you all – thank you! – but as it happens, a few bugs slipped past us in the first version so 3.0.1 addresses mostly those little bugs and annoyances.

Some users with older hardware (iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, older iPod touch) and large collections experienced some trouble synching and opening collections. Since most of our testers have newer devices we never came across these problems during the beta phase. But thanks to the fixes we put into place for these older devices now, Pocketpedia has become faster for ALL users. You’ll notice this especially if you have a large database with more than 10,000 entries but everyone is going to benefit from the quicker response of the program for sorting and displaying entries.

We’ve also fiddled with the UI to include the track number for albums on the iPhone version as well as track artist (if available). On the iPad version we’ve added scrolling to the ‘More’ window which is essential for those users with a lot of information in all of their fields.

3.0.1 also brings a moderating option to all entries found via Doghouse searches. You don’t have to be a moderator to edit an entry directly through Pocketpedia now, just press the ‘Edit in Doghouse’ link at the bottom of any search result and fix it before you add the entry. Now it’s correct for you and everyone else using Doghouse. (You’ll have to sign up for a user account in Doghouse before you can edit an entry, if you’re a moderator already use that same username/password combo.)

This is all about sharing and being nice to each other because we like that sort of thing here at Bruji and we’re pretty sure you all do too judging from the wonderful response we’ve had from all those users who got involved with Doghouse moderation and have helped us (and you) by fixing and improving entries. Thank you!

For a full list of the release notes, please check out Pocketpedia’s What’s New? page.