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Edit and Manual Add in Pocketpedia 3.1

Friday, September 27th, 2013

We are proud to announce Pocketpedia 3.1, now with full editing capabilities. It’s taken some time to get this new feature working exactly the way we wanted it to but we are very happy with the results.

In addition to editing and manually add we’ve also added a new cover capture algorithm that lets you adjust the covers so they’re just right, even when the image is taken at an angle or from further away.

Slanted Picture

Final Result

Work is underway for an iOS 7 re-touch for a future version although luckily Pocketpedia is already a good fit for the new iOS look. Version 3.2 is already in early beta testing and will include some vital upgrades to our popular Doghouse. Please note that this will be the last version of Pocketpedia to support iOS 4.1.

iPad Editing

Be sure you’re up to date with the Pedias on your Mac as well: version 5.1.7 is required for synching with Pocketpedia 3.1.

As a celebration of this release we are offering a 25% discount on Pocketpedia for the week. A great opportunity to purchase Pocketpedia if you don’t own it yet or let your friends know about the program.
Although Pocketpedia is meant as a companion app for the Pedia programs on the Mac, with the new ‘add manual’ and ‘edit’ features it could be used as a stand-alone application for users who have gone iOS only in their computing lives.