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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


John Gruber linked to a Universal Studio commercial that is a copy of Apple’s Christmas commercial with a few changes: the protagonist is a girl instead of a boy, the location is Universal Studios and not a family home, the creation is a photo album and not a movie and they are using Samsung phones and not iPhones. Nothing exceptional nor unexpected. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the entire commercial was financed by Samsung.

However noteworthy was a comment with a new word that I was amazed is not in popular use. User ebernet simply said, “Samesunged!”. How is this word not part of the daily lexicon? It should have followed xeroxed and googled and be a common verb by now. Googling proves it to have been used only three times, the oldest attribution being user forcenine on Mac Rumors, who has only 16 posts but this could be his contribution to our shared dictionary.

I don’t think it needs to apply to the actual Samsung brand pruducts or Apple, anything can be samesunged:
Transmit's icon is often samesunged.

The guitar riff in Nirvana's Come As You Are is a samesung of Eighties by the Killing Jokes.

Now get out there and start using samesung. If we can get Colbert to make it the word of the day, I think we have a chance of putting it in the dictionary.