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Pocketpedia 3.4.4: The Move Edition

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Version 3.4.4 brings the ability to select covers while editing from your own media library. So that you can select those images that you took a quick snap of while at the shop. Also has the ability with tap and hold to use copy paste, if you are bringing in an image from a website without having to save it into your own media library.

Pocketpedia Swipe Gesture

A common feedback is that the move button is buried in the footer of the edit screen. Which means tapping edit, scrolling down and then using the move button, when doing several items this quickly becomes tedious. The move is now available directly from the swipe options, instead of just delete. Also the ability to mark something as played, seen or read. Should an entry currently be borrowed the read button will become return, giving another quick access to a common action.