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Pedia Versions 5.6.1

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

This will be the final release of the Pedias that support MacOS 10.5 through to 10.11. If you have the latest MacOS feel free to jump on the now public beta of version 6.0 which we’ll release in a couple of months (fingers crossed!). Version 6.0 is 64-bit only and supports only the latest 10.12 and 10.13 MacOS systems. Depending on testing with 10.14, might actually only support 10.13, but that is yet to be determined.

Due to many regressions in 10.13, we highly recommended the beta to those on the latest MacOS. It will also let us widen the beta pool now that the release date for 6.0 gets closer.

The UI changes will be minimal and the update free so that we can properly drop support for the older MacOS. We do apologize for those running the older OS, but hopefully version 5.6.1 will serve you well for some years to come although we will not maintain it, expect for crucial fixes. On the flip side, we’ll be able to concentrate on the latest MacOS and develop features quicker and with less hassle. It currently takes Xcode 8 to build the previous version of the programs and we are on the cusp of the Xcode 10 release, so it is high time to drop support for 10.5.

I hope you enjoy this small bug fix update. Links to the beta versions for those interested:

Bookpedia Beta
CDpedia Beta
Gamepedia Beta
DVDpedia Beta