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Thank You Core Animation Engineers

Friday, April 4th, 2008

The newest version of the Pedias includes a Cover Flow view. Lucky for us, Apple’s Core Animation framework is excellent and so intuitive that it made Cover Flow possible. Apple even provides a sample application from which we copied our implementation; saving us lots of time. Not only does it provide the Core Animation code but also threading to load only the covers that are needed in the background thus keeping the Pedias responsive and light.

It’s not until I started programming with Core Animation that I realized how convenient it truly is. It takes care of everything no matter what happens in between. For example if a user clicks the forward arrow and then the back arrow, core animation reverses the animation without a stutter. It lets me take advantage of the graphic card in your computer without having to learn OpenGL; which is quite complex.

We are really excited how movies, books, games and CDs fade, fall in, pop, slide, scroll and twist in our new Cover Flow view and all without much code. If you are a Cocoa programmer, dive into Core Animation; if you are a Pedia user take our new version out for a spin. Either way, head on over to our videos page for a quick glimpse of the new Cover Flow view