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Front Row plug-in v. 2.0

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Mathieu just sent us version 2.0 of the Front Row plug-in. You can download the new version here from our Extras page. Make sure you read the instructions on that page on how to install the plug-in on your AppleTV. Yes, you read that right, AppleTV support is now included, along with a collection view. Great update all around!
In fact, if you’re using the Front Row plug-in and find it useful, head on over to the para9 site and click on the donation button for some good karma and a happy Mathieu. (We just sent some money his way as a thank you for the continued updates.)

Any comments, suggestions and feedback about the plug-in, please post them in this thread in the Bruji Forum.

DVDpedia Front Row Integration

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Front Row Integration
We are lucky to have a number of talented and passionate users who expand on our programs. Mathieu Guindon has dived into the internals of Front Row and come out with a DVDpedia plug-in for Front Row. DVDpedia has its own internal full screen interface but for those preferring to stay inside Front Row this plug-in is not only good looking but adds some features, such as browsing movies by actor. The browsing is fun and launching a linked movie is seamless. As with most things, it’s better seen and experienced, so check out the video and download the plug-in.

This is a solid 1.0 release that is almost perfect for my use. I only wish it had a category for browsing the movies via my collections in DVDpedia. We started a forum thread if you have any other feedback.

We are pleased to add Front Row to the long list of Apple technologies that DVDpedia integrates with; thank you Mathieu!

DVDpedia and your home theatre

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

If you’re using DVDpedia to launch your movies then Washable Dry Ink has the post for you – how to launch VLC Full Screen with no windows/controller.

Washable Dry Ink is a blog about (mostly) building a home theater around Leopard. And of course, they use DVDpedia as part of their set up. If this is up your alley, make sure you take a look at our HT Guys post as well.