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Snow, Early in the Year

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

With the announcement that Snow Leopard’s release date is set for Friday 28th we are releasing version 4.5.2 of the Pedias, fully Snow Leopard compatible. The Pedias needed just minor tweaks to become Snow Leopard ready. All required changes where of a cosmetic nature (for example, reflections drawn incorrectly in the cover flow) but we also took inspiration from Snow Leopard to do a little cleaning under the hood to make our code faster and easier to maintain.

Although the changes to Snow Leopard seem minimal from the outside I would recommend the upgrade. We have been running the beta for quite some time and it’s made our work more enjoyable. It was a great move by Apple to sit down and polish the OS X that we love and cherish; to give it that final shine. As developers we can see a listing of all the bugs we have submitted to Apple over the years and with Snow Leopard the greatest number of them have been marked as fixed. Including the one that made our support work the trickiest: IMAP messages in Mail not being marked as replied to after a draft is saved. On Friday that won’t be a problem any longer.

I’d even venture so far as to say that every Apple application we use has been improved with Snow Leopard. The interface stays the same and our PowerPC friends won’t have to feel left out, but for all Intel Mac owners get ready to have your computers improved substantially. While you wait around for Snow Leopard to be officially released, be sure to get your latest copy of the Pedias, of course with more improvements and fixes than just Snow Leopard support: Bookpedia, CDpedia, DVDpedia and Gamepedia.

Version 4.4

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

We just released the latest version of the Pedias, 4.4. The major release notes for this update include: an improved statistics feature, now based on XML for speed and flexibility, with a new option to select fields and filter collections by clicking on names and attributes; an update to the tags field to allow multiple editing and include it in the Spotlight index and a UI update to blend in with Apple’s darker Leopard look.

For a full list of what’s new and fixed, take a look at the ‘What’s New?’ pages for each program.

And to all our users who are having turkey tonight – happy thanksgiving!

Pocketpedia 1.1

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

We sent Pocketpedia 1.1 to the App Store a few days ago, trying to time it with our 4.3.1 release of the Pedias. Today it’s been approved for release so check for the update on your iPhone/iPod touch! There are a whole slew of new features in version 1.1, including the most popular requests: internal search and different sorting options. For a complete list of new features and improvements, check out Pocketpedia’s What’s New? page.

There is still a lot to do for version 1.2. For those who sync Pocketpedia from a Mac, it’s a natural extension and a portable version of the Pedias but there are a lot of Windows users now with Pocketpedia. It seems the initial release was strong enough to stand on its own without the desktop programs, something we did not expect given the limitation of not being able to edit items. For those users, Pocketpedia needs to include the ability to edit in order to add personal comments and enter items manually that might not be found online. So that feature along with several others is on the horizon.

Pocketpedia has been an incredible success. In a single month from its July 11th launch to August 11th, it has been downloaded 84,580 times in the US store alone. At the other end is Peru with 12 downloads – not bad for a country where the official iPhone launch happened after August 11th.

A lot of users wrote about a missing feature – not being able to delete. It’s not that 1.0 did not have this feature (swiping your finger across an item presents a delete button) but this gesture is not intuitive yet for iPhone users. Since the iPhone OS allows new ways to interact with applications, we have a dream of physically interacting with the screen. Why have a delete button when you can simply strike an item off your list? But from the feedback for 1.0 we learned that we need to provide a regular button too. Just as Mac OS X applications have 4 ways of doing something (a menu bar, a contextual menu, a button and a shortcut key) the iPhone should have two – a gesture and a button.
Still, we haven’t given up hope on our dream: 1.1 has no “select random entry” button but shaking your iPhone will do the trick.