Minium Data For Submission?

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Minium Data For Submission?

Postby dagopher » Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:44 am

I've been looking, but so far haven't found any list of 'required' or 'recommended' data for submissions to the Doghouse. Ideally a submission will contain everything that can be possible added to a record. In reality, that's not going to happen. So what must/should we be submitting?

I guess I'm looking for a Submitters equivalent for

Here are my thoughts:

I can see for a book, you would absolutely want: title, author (if any), and ISBN/UPC/whatever (if any), and anything after that would be optional.

For DVDs: title, everything else would be optional

For CDs: Album Name, Artist (if any), UPC (if any), everything else would be optional

For Games: Name, Game System, everything else would be optional.

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Re: Minium Data For Submission?

Postby Nora » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:15 pm

We do hope that contributors add as much information as possible but we understand that's not always possible. (That's why we have moderators and merge entries automatically if another user uploads the same one, to get more complete data.)

The minimum data we're asking of users is title and cover but that is really the bare minimum since it's not that useful to other users when searching for an entry. I'd say think about what you'd like to see when you're searching for an entry and make that your criteria.
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