Tracking unique entries I have made to Doghouse

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Tracking unique entries I have made to Doghouse

Postby Howard » Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:46 pm

I think title says it. Can a user's unique entries be tracked over time by the end user?

Also, if for example I upload a more complete entry or a better quality cover image, how is this reconciled with an entry already in Doghouse?

Thanks, Howard
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Re: Tracking unique entries I have made to Doghouse

Postby Nora » Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:42 am

At the moment it's not possible for users to track their uploaded entries but that is definitely something we're planning for in the future. (Doghouse is still a puppy in terms of development...)

Contributions to the Doghouse only add, never overwrite, any data that might already be there. (With a regular contribution via the Doghouse menu.) If you are a moderator then you get extra privileges and can overwrite information by "mirroring" an entry so it'll appear in Doghouse exactly the way you see it on your Mac.

For cover images, if the one currently online for an entry is low quality (400px high is our cut off I think) and you're uploading a better quality one then it'll overwrite the image automatically. If the quality is more or less the same (or the image you're uploading is of lower quality than the one already online) then the image remains as it is.
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