Running DVDpedia with different Data Folders/Profiles

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Running DVDpedia with different Data Folders/Profiles

Postby FineWine » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:59 pm

Over the last couple of days I have got back into Moderating DVD's via DVDpedia. As you know Doghouse does not require all the POSSIBLE fields that the pedia's are capable of.

So my question is: I would like to run two separate DVDpedia's with the accompanying separate profiles. ~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia and ~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia Moderator.

I have set up two App's in the Applications folder; DVDpedia and DVDpedia Beta BUT I am unable to change via Preferences > General the Data folder location from the default folder ~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia in DVDpedia Beta

If I could run two separate Profiles then I could set up my moderator pedia with only the Doghouse required Edit panel fields.

Of course what would be great is a Firefox like Profile selection box on start up. So that way you have one App but able to choose different Profiles on start up. This could be a switch in Pedia Preferences so that on start up the profile box appeared (or Not).


I do not mind delving into Terminal - I usually just cut & paste any Terminal commands anyway to ensure complete accuracy.

Your suggestions please.
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Re: Running DVDpedia with different Data Folders/Profiles

Postby Conor » Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:54 am

Better management of separate databases is something I want to address, but the priority is low as is a small subset of user that have multiple database. The problems with setting the path per application copy is they share the same preference file. I had thought of distinguishing per application name or location, but was worried that it would not be intuitive that it breaks for regular users if they rename their application.

But since this is such a specialized case and you don't mind a little dirty work, you can set up an Automator Application to flip the preference file and then launch DVDpedia. You can have two, one for regular and one for moderator. This approach takes care of changing the file.

Duplicate the ~/Library/Preferences/com.bruji.dvdpedia.plist and name the new copy ~/Library/Preferences/com.bruji.dvdpediaSECONDARY.plist. Then run the automator action (needs unzipping), shown here in the screenshot for others. It simply changes the preference file for the Secondary one and launches


Confusing at first as they will both be the same, but double click the "Database.dvdpd" in one folder to set it as the database. And then it will be obvious when DVDpedia launches due to the collections which one you are in. Every time you click this application to launch it will flip to the other database. So I guess it should be named something like "change database".

I was going to add a check that if SECONDARY file does not exist do nothing, but could not get the code working for that, so this version expects that file there.
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