New Black Web view Template by Diatribe

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New Black Web view Template by Diatribe

Postby Nora » Wed Mar 30, 2005 8:08 am

First web view template created by Diatribe. It's a black version of the Tiger template to match the cover view when the background color is set to black. It also displays the user rating instead of the tag line as well as a play count that is custom one field.

1) Download the file, unstuff and double click.
P.S. DVDpedia needs to be restarted to reload the available templates popup, this won't be necessary with the next version.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Thank you Diatribe for the first web view.
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Postby Diatribe » Wed Mar 30, 2005 10:23 am

Hi, just a couple of things...
the image folder now has to be deleted before the images(the rating) will show up. Either wait a while for DVDPedia to do it or delete it via Terminal. If you need help doing so, just ask.

Clicking on the title will bring you to the corresponding page on IMDB whereas clicking on the cover will bring you to the Amazon page. I hope that is kind of logical.

There will also be an updated Spanish localization that I have just submitted and a new French one when I get around to it. If there's a big need for a French one let me know and I'll do it rather sooner than later. The new Spanish one should be up soon.

Other than that we will someday hopefully get a field for the playcount that goes up one every time a movie is marked as seen. Until then you have to use the 1st custom field and add it manually.

I hope you enjoy this template and if there's anything you think could be improved, let me know.
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Postby Conor » Sat May 28, 2005 9:04 am

The template has been updated to take advantage of the new status display tag.
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