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CDpedia 2.0

Postby Nora » Sun Jul 03, 2005 10:44 am

Hello everyone,

here it is: CDpedia 2.0.

IMPORTANT: Beta users of CDpedia 2.0 will have to run the command "Refresh iTunes" from under the Help menu, as the program won't do it automatically since you have used the beta, and due to the new capitalization insensitive matching it will not allow you to close the edit window, unless you have refreshed iTunes.

Free update for all 1.x owners
Return track information from new Amazon Web Service 4
New Search Engine: Amazon's ECS 4.0, faster, more reliable, and better data details
Also introducing new locales: France, Canada and Japan
Redesign of search plug-in interface: they now tie in directly with other search sites like Amazon
New cascading search feature, order and sites defined by the user
Gather additional data from any source, including Amazon from the add/edit panel to view possible results or automatically from the advance menu
New web view built from templates to be extensible and flexible. (If you have customised your toolbar, look at customising it again to add the new view button)
Web view can display Amazon wish lists and Listmania
Contextual menu in web view for actions on CDs
Contextual menu in web view on images to add as cover for selected CD
Add CD button in web view when browsing Amazon
Web view lets you view your collection using customizable templates
New Amazon Wish List search by name or email
Check updates in web view for all products at once
New plug-in
New Due Date field for borrowed
Better 'download cover' search for imported entries from other programs or files
Stores Amazon locale for use in cover search and buy/open at Amazon commands
New Due Date Column, <!--DueDate--> Template tag
New Date format, for standard dates, faster date sorting and ability to type in colloquial dates like "Today"
New date released and review rank sort value for search results
New preference "open search window automatically after add"
New "add first result automatically" preference for scanners
Double clicking the image in the source for smart collections brings up the edit smart collection
When opening entries from spotlight, scroll to appropriate area within the cover view, just like the table view
I and O replaced automatically for 0 and 1 in serials to avoid typos
When "add first result automatically" is checked, title flashes large for easy viewing from afar
Automatic fill of today's date for borrowed on when typing in a borrowed by
iPod Export option and toolbar button
New Scanning sheet to let you know that the program is scanning a CD
iTunes matching is not case sensitive anymore
All Cover image views let you know the number of days before a CD is due, also upcoming CD releases
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