Missing Doghouse Images for 6 Hours

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Missing Doghouse Images for 6 Hours

Postby Conor » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:22 am

We just upgraded servers for our main website. We can finally support the latest SSL encryption algorithms. But in the change of server our provider Site5 destroyed a number of our CNAME records for bruji.com. The biggest affected records are the ones that point to our content delivery network on Rackspace (the service that lets you get those covers to you lightning fast as if they were on your computer already). These records get used about once a second with all Doghouse request. We have recreated the records from scratch, but will not be visible for a few hours while DNS servers catch up with the change, the programs will not know where to look for dvdcovers.bruji.com or booksthumbs.bruji.com at Rackspace.

Visiting doghouse.bruji.com is also affected by the same issue, you will see our regular web page until that updates to ur load balanced servers over at Heroku in a few hours as well.

We have tested and poked around to check that everything is still working, but if you run into any obscure broken links on our website or display issues or anything else that might have broken in the move, do let us know about it and we can get it fixed.
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