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Gamepedia 2.0 Beta

Postby Conor » Sun Feb 26, 2006 12:52 pm

The new Gamepedia is almost ready and here is the first beta. We've been busy with a complete overhaul of the code. Gamepedia now uses a framework that will allow for the other apps to be more easily updated to the Gamepedia look and feel. Which also means less code to mantain and more time to write new and exciting features for all the programs. As usual, looking forward to comments, bug reports and improvements, feel free to email us or post below.

Download Gamepedia Beta

Here is a list of some of the new features that are not just optimized versions of old ones:

- Universal Binary.
- Autofill feature extended to include editing in the table view.
- Autofill feature is case insensitive for easier matching
- Install and uninstall widget menu command.
- Highlight in collection view changed to a dark blue highlight.
- New library independent collections.
- Number of items in collection can be shown in collection column.
- Remove quotations from tab or coma imports delimited with quotations.
- Included new widget version 1.1 that is Universal Binary to support Intel Macs.
- Included new spotlight plug-in version 1.3 with more localization.
- Updated the info view templates and added two new ones: Mint and Collection.
- Bug fix: setting My Rating on multiple entries to bigger than 0 with the edit multiple field.
- Bug fix: Editing discs in multiple edit would check mark multiplayer field for edit instead of discs.

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