Datafield error on editing intelligent collections

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Datafield error on editing intelligent collections

Postby Hartmut » Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:12 pm

I'm using DVD Pedia for several years now and like it very much ;-)
The installed release is 5.4.2. Running on Mac OS 10.11.3.

I recently discovered an misbehaviour on editing intelligent collections (in German so called "Intelligente Sammlung").
In some intelligent collections i use empty data (text) fields to match only database entries where these data fields are empty. E.g. if i don't intend TV series episodes to be listed in an intelligent collection, i add an data field "Serie" (series) with an empty data field as condition.
On editing intelligent collections with empty text fields it now happens that the edit dialog comes up with some text in the formerly empty field. In the given example the text "series == nil" appears in field "Serie".
To make the intelligent collection work again i have to delete this text data manually und after closing with OK the collection works again.
Editing the collection the next time, the same happens again.
- The "== nil" entry appears always on editing any of the intelligent collections containing empty data fields of "text" type.
- It seems to me that the error only occurs if the empty data field is of data type "text".

You may take a look at the screenshot of the edit dialog i made. I couln't find an upload function and added an dropbox for you.

Don't hestitate to contact me if you have questions tracking this issue down.

Best regards
Hartmut Heinbach
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Re: Datafield error on editing intelligent collections

Postby Conor » Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:38 pm

Thank you so much for the detailed bug report. Let me quickly narrow down on the issue. I just fixed an issue in the latest 5.4.2 version with using a double quote at the end of a text of a smart collection (on editing it would have been cut off). But sometimes fixing one bug adds another, good news I knew exactly what lines to look at.

Issue fixed in the DVDpedia beta version, also other program betas for those not using DVDpedia.
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