IMDB link doubles optional "tt" - 5.5.1

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IMDB link doubles optional "tt" - 5.5.1

Postby srogers » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:22 pm

Using 5.5.1 - regarding the "Extra" page where the IMDB number is listed: updating from IMDB works whether the field has the raw number, like "0435761" or the preceding "tt" like "tt0435761" as it would appear in the IMDB URL, for example:

That is useful, because I often just wind up copying that number out of the URL, and so a lot of my IMDB fields have the nonsense "tt" prefix.

However, if you click the little Safari icon next to the box, the URL generated has "tt" prepended to it every time. So if the field has "tt0435761" then the browser gets an incorrect URL, like:

It would be great if the "tt" were optional for the browser link too.
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Re: IMDB link doubles optional "tt" - 5.5.1

Postby FineWine » Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:15 am

That should be very simple for conor using an "if" and "if not" statement in the code. But there could be other considerations in the code that we are not aware of. Third party sites have a habit of changing their 'api' code without letting users of their 'api' aware of the change and it is only us end users that pick it up and are able to let the developers know there has been a change.

Thanks for the heads up.
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Re: IMDB link doubles optional "tt" - 5.5.1

Postby Conor » Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:43 am

Done it the DVDpedia beta.

If you wanted to clean up the prefixed "tt" for clarity, you can do so with the open SQL backend. In Terminal run the following three lines:

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sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/DVDpedia/Database.dvdpd
update zentry set zimdb = replace(zimdb, "tt", "");

Of course, double backup your data file first, as it should already be being backed up.
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