Bugsssssssssss ! It's a disaster

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Bugsssssssssss ! It's a disaster

Postby retrack » Wed May 01, 2019 10:01 am

bug, bug, bug and bug !!!
I use CDpedia and DVDpedia on MacOS Mojave 10.14.4

1- if I import data from a csv file just with title and director (or band/musician), when I try to update data with one or more sites (set to Preferences), it's a disaster : informations, cover... are false. I don't know how your softs are searching data in the differents databases but it's a nonsense !!!

2- For DVD, I was to start with an empty base, and I scan via my macbook's camera each of my 240 DVD's. It's the same problem : many UPC are not find, or information are false!!!
Many time, DVDpedia crashes or I was forced to reboot the soft because the search turn without ending!

I'm very angry with your both softs.
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Re: Bugsssssssssss ! It's a disaster

Postby FineWine » Wed May 08, 2019 11:39 pm

Apologises for taking so long to approve your post BUT RANTS are not appreciated in any forums no matter what forums they are.

Having said that, welcome to Bruji the land of the "Pedia's" and these forums. I may be able to help you with some aspects of your problems.

You state you are using macOS Mojave 10.14.4 that is good but you did not state what version of DVD & CD pedia you are using. Pedia versions upto version 5.6.1 are really only designed for macOS 10.5 through to 10.11 due to their now out dated 32bit coding and when Apple release their next full macOS 15.*.* version later this year, all and every and any 32bit programs & App's will stop working - Full Stop.

In June 2018 Bruji's Top Dog Conor who is the developer and the one and only programmer of these set of excellent cataloguing programmes posted in this forums Blog a heads up concerning using old pedia versions with the latest macOS.

So I invite you to first off update to the VERY latest stable version 5.9.2 beta's of all your pedia App's. (soon to be a major version 6) You can find them here: The latest beta builds of the Pedias Now I know there is no direct link to this page from the home page of the pedia's but if you had done some due diligent research to your problems in these forums you would have discovered download links to these Beta's. Once you have downloaded and installed these very stable beta's please make sure you have Ticked the automatic updates in Preferences > General as Bruji is releasing updates fairly regularly with minor under the hood updates and of course any rectified bugs that are found and reported in these forums by users such as yourself.

These beta's are not only written using the latest Apple software and coding practices for the latest macOS now and in the near future but they also contain the latest importation and search plug-in abilities. Unfortunately cataloguing sites such as IMDb & music search sites have a nasty habit of changing their code and therefore nullifying the pedia search plug-ins and it is only through users such as yourself who regularly use these search sites reporting this in the forums or as a direct email to: support@bruji.com do these these things get repaired to reflect the search sites coding change.

Please also choose the search sites relevant to your collections by Ticking the appropriate ones in: Preferences > Sites. By ticking only those sites relevant to your collections not only enables you to gather more precise data but it will also be faster in search times. Whilst in this Preference, drag & drop your relevant search sites upto the top of the list in order of your site preference. Again this will speed up search times.

You also do not state what program or programs you are trying to export your data FROM in CSV format. If you peruse the excellent Help index for each respective pedia you will find an entry titled: "Getting Started" > "Importing Collections". Please have a read.

Bruji and or experienced pedia users will more often than not reply to any queries within 24 to 36 hours. No question is ever too stupid but please do carry out some research either in these forums or the Help indexes first. It saves on those DOH :oops: moments in life which we all make.

Please also report any suspected bugs immediately. Bruji is renowned for bringing out an update to the afflicted program very shortly thereafter.

In closing; after you have updated your Pedia App's to the latest beta release please also have a read of the excellent Help pages that are not only built into the each Pedia but are also available on line here.

Enjoy your Pedia's :D
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Re: Bugsssssssssss ! It's a disaster

Postby Conor » Thu May 09, 2019 3:35 am

Thank you for all that information, to help others. I helped the user via email, but I should have crossed posted here for others. Although you answered even better than I did, I should hire you for the Bruji support line. :D
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