Potential for Cross-Platform Support?

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Potential for Cross-Platform Support?

Postby kylecarroll » Mon Jul 05, 2021 7:21 am

With Apple's push for native cross-platform app development with the newer versions of SwiftUI and the M1 processors, is there any chance that the Pedias (in my case specifically Bookpedia) will become available on iPadOS? I now use iPad exclusively so it's rather annoying having to constantly dig out an old Mac to make edits to my collections and then sync to Pocketpedia, as I use my database daily in my library.

I only ask because I've been using--and for the most part have been happy with--Bookpedia for a few years, however there are quite a few things that are personal edge-cases that prevent it from being an ideal app for me. I've been considering coding my own database app for my library, but since that would require such a huge time commitment, I'd much rather continue supporting another developer.

Additionally, I noticed a new core change recently. I haven't looked much into it, but will the Pedias shift away from Cocoa and into Swift? Will plugins support Swift development? If this is the case, perhaps I can create plugins to modify my personal copy of Bookpedia to add the features and slight modifications that I'm looking for.
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