system wide access and bibilography

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system wide access and bibilography

Postby phudson » Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:38 pm

It would be great if there were a global key combo to search the database from other applications. If I am writing a paper and I want to look up a book I do not want to go from my word processor to the library program.

Also pulling the name of the book to a word processor with the mouse it would be nice to create a bibliographical listing , even better if in the preferences I could select the style for this.
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Re: system wide access and bibilography

Postby Nora » Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:29 am

Thanks for your feedback. The Pedias are included in the Services menu but only for internet searches, i.e. when you read about a certain book, you can select the title and use the Services menu to start a search with Bookpedia for that particular book. To search your Pedia databases without having to start up the programs, you can use Spotlight. Either enter the title of a book or if you want to make sure that Spotlight only searches your Pedia database for information, type in 'pediaitem:' first. Alternatively, the Amazonpedia widget will also let you search all the Pedias without having to run them.

To create a bibliography listing, select the books in Bookpedia, hold down the Option key and then drag the selection over into your text program. Just dragging the books without the Option key held down will create list of links back to the entries in Bookpedia. At the moment the only option is MLA style but we're hoping to include others in the future.
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