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TV Shows

Postby JonathanS » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:35 pm


Your app is great! Far superior to iTunes and I've converted to it. Combined with the Front Row plugin, and launching the database on another computer to watch the movies across the network, it truly makes an all digital DVD library great.

However, could I humbly request a interface more apt for TV Shows? It's possible to use this for TV Shows, but requires too much modification to the title and/or sort order to get it to work well. The Front Row interface for TV Shows is actually good save for two issues, one - when you have multiple seasons of a show - it would better to just list say, "Battlestar Galactica" and then when you go inside, see "Season 1" , "Season 2", etc. And then when you go in that, see the episodes in order either from newest to oldest (FrontRow default) or oldest to newest.

I can replicate this "sort of" with DVDPedia by creating a folder called "Battlestar Galactica" and then a collection underneath that called "Season 1" and then the season 1 episodes there. Two problems though, one - when you get to "Season 1" you then get the full DVDPedia interface, i.e. Movies, Genres, etc. Just being able to list the episodes would probably be fine. Second, the Front Row Plugin sorts the episodes alphabetically - not by show number. So I'd have to go in and rename every title Episode 01, or S01 or something like that. Easy when you download them, not when you've purchased them.

For now, unless you have some suggestions, I may stick with the Front Row interface for TV Shows, despite my annoyances with it, and how Front Row arbitrarily decides to put some TV Shows on top of the list for no reason!


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