Alternative Price Comparison

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Alternative Price Comparison

Postby Ennilyn » Mon May 17, 2010 11:14 am

Hi there.

I've been using Bookpedia for a while now and am more that satisfied, but nevertheless there's (right now ;-) ) just one thing that I'm missing.
I'm buying most of my books "used" using different online platforms. Amazon isn't always the cheapest.
So now it would be great if the displayed price for used books in bookpedia could be downloaded from different platforms.
The best sites for used books in my opinion are right now: --- which searches over 100 internet shops in Europe and Northern America (available in different languages) and --- which is a German site (this shop is also searched by bookbutler)

Could that be done?

Greetings and thanks for the good work,
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Re: Alternative Price Comparison

Postby Conor » Wed May 19, 2010 4:18 am

Thank you for the information. We looked at and it looks like a great resource. We did not find any information on an API that would allow Bookpedia (a computer program) to talk to the website. We will email them and see if that is a possibility for the future that they have planned. Booklooker does have an API but I am still getting information on that as it seems to be geared more towards adding your listing for selling and order tracking then data gathering.
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