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Home Inventory pedia

Postby spj » Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:34 pm

I've suggested this in the past, and still pine for it: a home inventory pedia app. I currently use a clunky Excel spreadsheet for such a purpose, but it's not nearly as elegant or intuitive as a Bruji Homepedia (?) application would be.

What I envision is an app that not only tracks inventories, but could integrate with the other pedias so that if I, say, added a DVD to my DVDpedia library, which would change the count and total value of the collection, those new figures would automatically be updated in Homepedia (or whatever it would be called).

Of course, I'm not a developer, so have no idea how difficult it might be to build this -- perhaps I'm being a little naïve here -- but I'd gladly pay for it (as I did for the book, CD and DVD pedias). Even it it couldn't talk (i.e., integrate) with other pedia apps, however, a standalone home inventory pedia would still be wonderful. Or at least maybe a pedia app that would be completely customizable that users could adapt for a home inventory (or any kind of collection).

Again, I know you fine people at Bruji are busy enough as it is, but I haven't seen anything posted about this for a long time, so just thought I'd throw it out there again if for no other reason than to remind you that there are people who would like something like this.

Thanks for your great products!
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