iPhone App for Barcode Scanning

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iPhone App for Barcode Scanning

Postby CraginS » Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:24 pm

I realize that this would be a major programming effort, but it sure would be cooool.
How about releasing a simple barcode scanner app for the iPhone / iPod Touch (4G-forward) that allows us to capture the barcode with the iPhone camera, then automatically transfer the code data to the *Pedia app on the next sync?

Holding up the iPhone over the book to snap the picture would be SO much easier than holding the book or media case in front of the iSIght camera.

No need to run the net search of the code at the time snapped; just trigger the *Pedia program to run its normal search when the code is sync'd into it. This mode means that no net connection is needed for the app; it can run without Wifi or 3G routines.

Optional architectures for the design could be a single scanner program, with a launch selection to tell it which Pedia you are bringing codes in for, or separate apps that work with each Pedia. I'd prefer the former, but others may like the idea of dedicated scanners for each Pedia.

Thanks for your dedication to bringing us such a great program set!

Cragin S
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