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GamePedia on the iPhone

Postby Vampyre » Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:14 am

Hi guys,

I know that there is a topic a little bit before mine, about an iPad version for the movies. As this is another program, I felt it was ok if I create a new topic for it.

I know that the pedias in general using Amazon were kicked out of the app store. But since you are working on your own repository, now the stopping barrier has been lifted up. No more worries to link to your own server...

Furthermore, and this is really important, there is no program on the app store (or at least after 2 weeks searching I still haven't found any) to manage your video games. So, this is for now a niche market as there is no competitor there. The only one I found was a linker to a PC only program.

I own more than 15000 video games home, and when I want to buy a new game, sometimes I forget I have it already (especially when I go buy older titles)... It would be so cool to have your game collection on you every time you need it. And as I always have my iPhone on me, it would be a wonderful...

I don't expect an answer at all on this one, but just wanted to express myself on the matter, and let you guys know that at least one person is eagerly waiting for an app to classify my games and beeing able to read it when I'm not home on the mac (where I already use GamePedia)

Thanks for reading !
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Re: GamePedia on the iPhone

Postby Nora » Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:36 pm

It's coming, we promise! :) We don't have a date for release yet but we're working hard on getting things going.
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