Legit boxset support

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Legit boxset support

Postby grayadamson » Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:13 pm

Hi there, I've rummaged around and found a few suggestions regarding dealing with movie boxsets in DVDpedia (grouping items and using collections appear to be the most common) but there are some issues with these techniques; particularly when it comes to special collections of movies that can not be easily separated from the set. These sets also wreck the statistics displayed in DVDpedia.

My best example so far is the Alien Anthology boxset, which contains standard and special editions of the four movies and a bunch of extras. That's 8 different runtimes, 4 different theatrical release years, 2 different aspect ratios and 6 discs, two of which contain the extras to all four films. I'll just bullet-point the issues I'm having (and as such, features I'd love to see appear in DVDpedia) so as not to be rambling on forever.

    - Individual movies can't really be listed separately, as it's unclear what the disc count should be per flick (especially with the example above).
    - It's helpful to have the exact cover image of the version I own so I don't end up rebuying the same edition later.
    - Adding more than one theatrical release date for the set results in any year after the first entry being ignored in DVDpedia's stats.
    - Adding two separate running times (or in the case of the Close Encounters Blu-ray, three) for theatrical and director's cuts again results in missing stats.
    - Adding more than one aspect ratio to a collection also appears to create the same error.

I have stumbled across Nora's guide to allowing comma-separated values in various fields, but I don't know if this works for things like release date and runtime. Also, editing the XML file in TextEdit is a nightmare now, thanks to Apple's frustrating new save features in Lion (they seem to be going backwards...)

Anyway, just wondering if a more robust way of dealing with boxsets is on the horizon for DVDpedia, especially given studios' penchant for releasing new super special ultra limited collector's director's editions of their franchises almost annually.
Oh, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings would be wicked! Bit more reliable than IMDb's, I feel.

Anyway, thanks for continuing support for what is, in my experience, the best DVD/Blu-ray cataloguing app for Mac (and iOS ;-) )
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