DVDpedia 5 and 4.6.8 database sync

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DVDpedia 5 and 4.6.8 database sync

Postby jumping » Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:33 pm

Hi Nora & Conor!

I just upgraded to DVDpedia 5 and I am very happy about it.
I noticed a significant increase in the speed of the program, which was a little bit slow with Lion... So, good job! :D

I just have a little request: I used to have the DVDpedia database on a wireless disk, so I was able to access the database from my desktop iMac G4 and from my MacBook.
But now, upgrading to DVDpedia 5 in the MacBook (and stuck at 4.6.8 on the iMac G4), I noticed that TWO databases are created, one for each program, and I've lost the "sync" between the two.
Is there a workaround or something that allows to sync the two databases?
Is it an option that will be added in the future?
Or it is hopeless and if I want to use the same database I must downgrade to 4.6.8 on the MacBook (losing the gain of speed)?

Many thanks!
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Re: DVDpedia 5 and 4.6.8 database sync

Postby Nora » Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:05 pm

Unfortunately the two database structures are completely different which is why they cannot talk to each other, i.e. synching is not an option between the two. If you don't want to lose the speed and new features of version 5 you could do exports in .dvdpedia format every once in a while to move between the two versions. (For example every night or once a week, depending on how much you use the program.) Not an ideal solution, I know, but maybe a possible work around?

Personally I would probably keep version 4.6.8 on both computers for simplicity's sake. But it's completely up to you.
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