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Wireless Scanner

Postby Zanth » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:19 pm

As always, I want to thank the three of you for your hard work. The recent 5.0 release has been serving me very well. Many have requested Pocketpedia updates given the Amazon iron fist. Doghouse has really taken off and the volume of info is ever increasing. You've pointed out that Doghouse will be the vector by which a new Pocketpedia might be successful. Recently I read about the Collectorz software offering a wireless barcode app which, when used proximate to the desktop, will sync data. When on the go, the data will be stored until synchronized with the desktop.

Is such a feature on your to-do list for Pocketpedia? Having my collections on my phone or iPad using Pp2 is useful, but I wonder if there aren't a bunch of users who would love wireless scanning and/or storing until a subsequent sync? It would let folks, while on the go, "remember" desired items, but even better, it would untether those of us with laptops using the built in cam, by using the one on our phone or iPad. For myself, I have a website that presents my collections in HTML format (via Pedias export), so my collections in an app, although valuable, isn't entirely necessary for me but wireless scanning is perhaps my biggest wish :).

Food for thought and all that. Many thanks!

EDIT: In my ongoing research, I discovered that the Collectorz mobile scanning app will likely submit the barcode into the Pedias. I didn't bother trying it out as the reviews have been weak for this app. The app is distinct from their mobile database which works like Pocketpedia. However, iCody works in a similar fashion and had proven results with DVDPedia so I gave it a shot and it works like a charm. The work flow:

1)Open the Pedia of choice
2)Click the '+' icon to add a new entry
3) highlight the input field if not yet active
4) scan with one's iPhone or iPad cam and click send in the iCody app
5) the barcode is sent directly to the Pedia search field and the result is promptly displayed.

Since I was using the Macbook Pro cam, I found it tough some times to line up the scanner properly, given lighting etc. iCody in conjuntion with the desktop Pedias really simplifies things (without paying $100 or whatever for a barcode scanner). I figure, if in the future Pocketpedia could scan and search Doghouse and add to the collection (via some sync, perhaps a service you would offer or via Dropbox, Google Docs etc) on the fly that would be ideal, otherwise this makeshift workflow is excellent for the time being.
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Re: Wireless Scanner

Postby Conor » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:22 pm

Thank you for the feedback. We are very pleased with how things are going, both with Doghouse (public) and with Pocketpedia (internal alpha). We do have big plans for both but will start out with a regular feature set on Pocketpedia. This makes it easier to debug small issues as well as getting Pocketpedia to everybody sooner. We will start adding extra features with updated versions including we hope scanning. Doghouse is still in it's infancy and Alex is working hard on some moderator features to keep it in top shape, but we are actually quite pleased with the reliability, speed and scaling we managed to build into it making improvements easier. We will have more news soon here and on our blog and twitter once we finishing the first round of improvements. Everybody has worked so hard on contributing that we do want to have a general state of Doghouse post to keep users updated on the latest happenings.
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