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Postby dewadog » Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:03 am

1. It would be fantastic if Bookpedia had a few more customisation options in the fields section of the preferences. In particular more check boxes ("set/not set" choices) for the user to label. For example i have a smart folder for which i have had to use a long workaround to get what i wanted. I need to have a couple of extra check boxes that I can name so that I can refer to them being "set" or "not set" when I set up a new smart folder.

2. Smart Folder Set Up : it would be ever so useful if smart folders could refer to other smart folders and folders on the basis of "if this item is a member of this smart folder and it has these parameters,then do this"

I hope this could be considered for future releases.
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Re: Bookpedia

Postby Conor » Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:09 am

Thank you for the feedback. For the second one you can refers to another collection in the smart rules by using "collection name is [exact name of your smart folder]". In order to avoid possible loops the smart collection won't trigger a refresh of other collections when clicked, so it's limited in that you have to make sure the other referenced collection has been clicked to update it. This allows for building more complex rules that mix and match and/or.
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