Search differs from search thru Amazon

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Search differs from search thru Amazon

Postby democrite » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:31 pm


Not sure if this is covered before. Search seems to be behave differently than when searching the sources themselves. Like if I search Amazon for 'eros polis', the relevant book comes up first. Within the Bookpedia results, out of 76, it seemed either missing or far further down the list than where searched.

The idea of multiple add maybe could also be improved? Like when searching, if I want to add multiple books, someway to add one without closing the dialog would greatly help. The multiple add seems to behave different and not sure how it works; will read the docs.
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Re: Search differs from search thru Amazon

Postby Conor » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:32 am

There is a preference (Preferences -> General tab) to not close the search window after adding a book to add multiple books from the same search, say an author search. There is no key combination that would activate this feature for a single book but it's a good idea I have added to the to do list.

The internal search is a filter. The books are not rearranged according to the relevance of the match, the current order of the books is respected. So all books with "eros polis" are shown but are kept in the users preferred order. Another one I added to the investigate list as there is no built in relevance engine in Cocoa, I would have to write one or incorporate one that can handle Core Data to give me relevance based on the field the search words are in and their proximity to each other. These technology is common place in online searches and we use Sphinx for this in Doghouse, but I never seen it with Core Data.
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