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cdpedia: Feature Requests

Postby hell-g » Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:05 am

Hi everybody,

here are some feature requests:

1. Smart Collections: Possibility to delete an album from the collection in a smart collection view (actually its not possible and you have to switch to the collection view)
2. Much better "Update from" functionality:
- select the field or the fields to search for (f.e. catalog number and year)
- show the search results (similar to the "add-dialog", list of albums found)
- possibility to select the fields to overwrite from one selected album from search or protect fields from overwriting
3. Add manually:
- Possbibility to clear the dialog (reset)
- Better search results esp. from Discogs (you always get no result from discogs if you search in the manual add-Dialogue)

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Re: cdpedia: Feature Requests

Postby Nora » Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:46 am

Thank you for the feedback.

1. Hold down the option key to delete an entry from your library while in any collection.
2. On the todo list. Keep in mind that by using the gear button in the edit/add panel you get a list of results to select from.
3. You can call add manually again without saving to clear the window. THe shortcut is (command-shift-F). The Discogs plugin uses the title field, I get results by adding a title and using the gear button on the bottom right. Do let me know more specifically titles you don't get results for and I can look into it.
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