file open, file close

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file open, file close

Postby gilbertdh » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:18 pm

After poking around a bit I didn't find that his hasn't been raised before, but I'm pretty sure it has.

I've gotten into so much trouble trying to manage more than one database. I would really like the Pedias to have the traditional FIle Open, and File Close, so that you can have more than one Book, CD, DVD, database and manage them easily. I do not know the details of how DB files are currently managed, but in trying to maintain more than one DB and having to select the new default each time I've lost data and templates and had all kinds of strange things happen to my data. Unless there is some Apple imposed reason for this, they are imposing so much on all of us more and more, I strongly recommend this change. Perhaps an xxPedia folder in Documents under which you can have subfolders with different DBs with their own templates and so on.

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Re: file open, file close

Postby Conor » Sun Jun 30, 2013 3:57 am

The design of the Pedias is really based on the single database to keep things as simple as possible to the majority of users. The "Choose Database..." option when starting up with the option key held down is in essence a file open dialog. The reason we recommend this route is so the users know exactly what database they are working with. Of course you can double click the Database.dvdpd file in the data folder to switch databases without restarting the program but then might lead to confusion on what database your working on if the databases are somewhat similar. Having the Pedias recognize multiple databases and display them as options to switch between is an interesting idea and I will keep it in mind. In the meantime there should be no issue with relaunching the app and selecting a new data folder to work with. If you find a specific bug that is affecting your templates or other information in the data folder do let me know the exact steps to reproduce. Thank you for the feedback.
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