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Bookpedia - iBooks import

Postby Miffi » Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:57 pm


I would really love to import my ebooks from ibooks from my iPad to my Mac Bookpedia.

I have thousands of ebooks on my iPad that I simply can't add manually, because for once it will take forever and sorting them into the right categories after searching each and every one of them would be an absolute nightmare. It may be possible for a hundred books, not for thousands of them, though. Importing them to Bookpedia, along with the whole collection they are saved in in ibooks, would be tremendously helpful. Then I'ld have all my books, whether they are digital or not, completely together.

Do you think such a feature will be possible one day?

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Re: Bookpedia - iBooks import

Postby Conor » Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:20 pm

You can import iBooks from the EPUB files or from the iTunes information. If you know were the EPUB files are simply drag them over the Bookpedia dock icon to import them into a new excluded collection (by default they are in your iTunes music folder under "Books", you can drag the entire folder). If you're happy with the import and have added more details from online sources you can then move them into your main library and remove the excluded collection.

To import directly from iTunes export the information as an XML file under "File -> Library -> Export" in iTunes and then drag that file over the Bookpedia dock icon.

Both methods will detect duplicates, so there no need to worry when doing it again to add new books you have purchased. The EPUB file method is best as it will allow Bookpedia to let you view the books directly in Bookpedia or open them directly with a single click in your preferred reader.
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