Markdown in Bookpedia?

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Markdown in Bookpedia?

Postby mtolincoln » Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:36 pm

I would love to see the power of Markdown markup syntax in some fields in Bookpedia--Comments, Summary, Notes particularly. Would love to be able to highlight text using Bold (**), Italics (*), and a felt marker kind of highlight using perhaps a backtick (`). These features could be used to add emphasis and highlights to longer text sections. I guess this would require a Markdown Preview sort of function. This sort of feature would let me productively use Bookpedia as a more useful repository for notes and comments on what I read or think is particularly important about some books in my collection.

Thank you for considering such a suggestion.

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Re: Markdown in Bookpedia?

Postby Conor » Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:01 pm

Thank you about the suggestion of using Markdown. As you mentioned the longer notes, comments, summary fields could do with some highlighting in cases. Implementing this feature we would like to use the Apple internal formatting to keep the interface familiar. Technical that is a bit complex as both the formatting information needs to be stored in the database while still maintaining a fast search speed with the plain text. The change also migrates down to a number of features, such as exports (how to include the formatting in different export options), Doghouse contributions and backups among some.

Your markdown suggestion avoids some of the pitfalls mentioned above as it's still plain text being stored. So it could be a good intermediary compromise between more formatting and keeping the database structure intact. Although it then pushes the development to a markdown capable preview text field that would switch to regular text when being edited.

I've added it to my list of ideas to explore and include.
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