common fields for all pedias

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common fields for all pedias

Postby jefferyn » Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:50 am

i have dvdpedia, cdpedia, bookpedia for 6 years now. i like that each program is customized for the media it covers. however, one thing that bothers me over the years is the inconsistency between the programs where it doesn't seem to make sense. bookpedia has a full tab in edit mode for selling a book. however the other pedias do not have even a single field that i've been able to find for selling those items. so for cdpedia and dvdpedia, after i have sold an item, the only way i can keep track of that is using a tag i created called "sold" and enter the selling info in the comments field. i sell cds and dvds as much as i sell books. i would like to request more consistency between the pedias for the fields they have, where it makes sense. the selling tab is the most obvious example. at a minimum, i'd like "sold" and "sold on" fields in all programs so i don't get confused about what i still have in my libraries. thank you-
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Re: common fields for all pedias

Postby Nora » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:08 am

Bookpedia is pretty much the only Pedia program we ever received the request for selling fields so we never implemented this for the other programs.
But if you'd like to keep track of this info in your other Pedias as well you could use some custom fields to create 'Sold' and 'Sold On' fields (one of the custom checkboxes and one of the custom date fields). To change the title of a custom field, go into the Preferences/Fields and click the title of a custom field to edit it.

Thanks for the feedback though; we'll keep this in mind for future development of the programs.
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Re: common fields for all pedias - track selling

Postby carylB » Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:26 am

I too would appreciate having the Sell screen/fields in all the Pedias, not just Bookpedia.
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