Integration to XBMC / Kodi

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Integration to XBMC / Kodi

Postby » Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:28 am

Hi Bruji,

I have been using your pocketpedia / dvdpedia for quite a few years, and its really a great program.
I now have a database of approx 2400 DVD titles.

I am converting dvd's to mkv files, and adding them to my KODI (formerly XBMC), and I find my self
maintaining 2 databases with movie content (dvdpedia and kodi sql database)

An integration would be really cool, so I could just keep my dvdpedia up to date, and then link or export
this to kodi.

A really wild feature would be, to convert the dvdpedia database to an mysql or similar database
then it could run on a NAS server (QNAP) and the information could relate to the kodi sql database.

Anyway, just a thought, in case you were wondering "what to do with all this spare time in the coming x-mas season" :-)

Best wishes
Søren G. Rasmussen.
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